Why Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are for vehicle owners that want to preserve their investments. Whether your daily commuter or your dream vehicle ceramic coatings will provide a level of protection like never before.

Ceramic coatings are a hard or flexible liquid coating that when hardens provides a permanent bond to the surface. This in turn makes that surface easier to clean, less susceptible to contamination, resistant to wear and tear.

Ceramic Coating are available for virtually any surface including paint, cloth / textiles, glass, metal, plastic/polycarbonate, and leather. 

The Process Of Coating

IGL Ceramic Coatings

Arcane Detailing 419 chooses to work with IGL Coatings. These Products are designed from the ground up and tested extensively before being released to the market. 


IGL Coatings has also been selected as they line up with our business model. IGL is built like one big family with a massive network of detailers and installers coming together to help others.

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Ceramic Coating Packages

Here at Arcane we have simplified our ceramic coating offerings for you. Gone are the days of confusing options and terms of durability. We have two different options to choose from "Entry Level" or "Professional Level" 

"Entry Level" is Ideal for those looking to try ceramic coatings for the first time.

"Professional Level" is ideal for those that simply want the best.

Interior Coatings

Interior coatings are great way to protect your vehicles interior.


Interior Coatings provide the same types of protection as an exterior coating but they are made specifically for the vehicles interior surfaces.


Interior coatings can be  applied to leather, textiles, and plastic surfaces.


After application you can expect superior UV protection along with easy clean up of accidental messes.


Interior coatings do not affect the feel or softness of your interior surfaces.

To learn more click the link below.

Level 1 "the Trial"

Perfect For those looking to try out ceramic coatings for the first time. 

This service includes the following. 

- Gloss Polish 

- Entry level Paint Coating

- Clean and dress wheels and tires

Level 2 Protection.

This Package is perfect for those looking for more overall protection and paint correction.

This service includes the following.

- Paint enhancement removing up to 60% of surface defects.

- Entry level coating on paint, wheel faces, front windshield, and plastic trim.

- Clean and dress tires

All of our Professional level coating have some massive added value for you. 

1) All Professional Level coatings carry a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. **

2) All of these packages carry a higher level of paint correction to remove more surface defects and leave your vehicle with Stunning Gloss.

We currently have 3 different levels for you to choose from. Click the link below to view these options in greater detail or fill out the form below and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Entry Level

Professional Level


Carfax Registration of work

As a registered Carfax service shop  your vehicle protection is recognized on your Vehicle History Report.

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Arcane Limited Lifetime Warranty

Investment protection you can trust backed by warranty.

*Terms and conditions apply*

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After-care training and products

After care training provided by IDA certified detailer. After care products are also available to provide you with confusion free care of your coating. 

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