The Difference between DIY and Professional.

We have been asked the painful questions “What about product xzy” “What is the difference between this and product xyz”.

While we will not go and bash any particular name or product, we will say they have their place.

Think of over the counter medications vs prescriptions. While something that you can walk into your local supermarket and get may help mitigate symptoms or take care of them for a brief time. Nothing quite compares to a prescription.

Ceramic coatings are the same way. While you can get some ceramic protection from one they just aren’t as good as a professionally applied coating and just like medication one requires a professional to get it for you.

Ok, this is informational but what is the difference in the product?

Well we could go on and on about this all day long but let us stick to some finer points.

First let’s talk about the active materials in a coating. Think about low fat or low sugar foods. They must have a certain percentage less than other similar items to be called that.

Ceramic coatings are kind of the same way. While the exact minimum percentage is not known, some have said their products contain as little as 5% si02. A good professional grade coating will contain anywhere from 80-100% sio2.

Now lets look at longevity.

Think of this everyone can go to the store and buy a razor and proceed to shave. This will typically last anywhere from a couple days to maybe a week until you need to do it again. Of course, there is the option of having professional hair removal that can last years.

The same is true for a ceramic product. While most over the counter ceramic coatings last upwards of 3 months they must be reapplied. A true professional ceramic coating will last anywhere from 1 to 10 years.

So while each has there place you must ask yourself these questions.

Do I want something that will help or fix the problem?

Do I want the best of materials?

Do I want to do this every 3 months or have it protected for years to come?

Thanks for reading.

As always we are here to answer your questions.

Phillip Bennett, CD

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