How To Properly Clean Leather.

Leather Is a beautiful upgrade to any vehicle. Now the leather upgrade not only cost more to have from the factory, but it also cost more to maintain. This is because of the added time and products to properly clean leather.

So first lets discuss the products needed.

1- Dedicated leather cleaner

2- Dedicated leather brush

3- Microfiber towels

Now most automotive leathers have a protective layer on them almost like a cars clear coat. This is why it is important to have dedicated cleaners for leather. While some would lead you to believe that all purpose cleaners, magic erasers, or drill brush attachments are ok to use. However use of these items will ultimately lead to damage.

When cleaning leather you must first spread open the seams and remove any dirt left in there. This is important to make sure you don’t scratch the leather. After all debris is removed you may then begin scrubbing it is important to spray the cleaner on the brush and not on the seat itself. This is especially important if you have perforated seats. When scrubbing you do not need a lot of pressure just gently scrub in circular motions. Now you are ready to remove the cleaner. Take your microfiber towel and fold it into eights. In straight lines make a pass fold the towel to a new surface and make another pass until all sides are used.

Repeat this until all surfaces are cleaned. Below are the links to the products we use here at Arcane Detailing 419.

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