How To Fix Faded Plastics

Let’s face it we have all seen it. Plastics that do not have that rich gray or black look to them anymore. To better understand this let us dive into how it actually happens. Faded plastics are caused by UV damage.

However, it is not actually the plastics themselves but rather the impurities in the plastics. This in turn can cause plastics to fade at different intervals.

For example, a Chevrolet Avalanche’s plastics are actually made by 5 different manufacturers this is what can cause them to fade at different rates. So what can you do?

Well lets first talk prevention. Regular maintenance is key to protect your vehicles appearance. Using something to help protect your trim when washing it will help prevent the fading. However most of these products do not last a long time.

There are other options such as ceramic coatings. Now when looking into these products you want to make sure it is something reputable. IGL, Geyon, and Gtechniq to name a few. We use IGL products here and their Ecocoat trim can protect plastics for up to 2 years.

Now lets say your plastics are already faded. You have tried many different products and nothing seems to last. We have been there and tried a lot of products but we have found the solution. Solution finish that is. Solution finish was developed by Chris West. He put many days into perfecting the perfect trim restorer. Solution finish does not just sit on the surface like most do. It penetrates deep into the surface to rejuvenate the plastics and bring them back to life and keep them that way. A simple application can last up to 6 months and be coated for even longer lasting results.

So if you have faded plastics and would like us to take care of it for you we would be happy to. Now if you are a do it yourselfer you can purchase at the link below.

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