How do I care for my vehicle in the winter?

As many of you know winter can be absolutely brutal on your vehicle. We will briefly touch base on care during the winter months but this is mainly just some helpful tips to prevent damage during these frigid times.

We all know about that special little tool with the brush on one end and the scraper on the other. Well I hate to say it but this is what causes most of the scratching and damage during the winter. let us help you limit that damage with some helpful tips and tricks.


lets start with ice. This stuff sucks it gets everywhere and depending on how thick it is can be really hard to remove. A good rule of thumb is to try starting your vehicle and letting it warm up. This can reduce unnecessary scraping of your windshield.

What if its really thick? Well if this is the case an ice melt product may be safer, DO NOT USE HOT WATER. There are tons of ice melt products available and some can be made at home.

Whatever the case take extra care not to run the scraper into any painted surface.


While its beautiful to look at sometimes there is just to much of it. You walk outside in the early morning and see 5 inches piled on your vehicle. Remember that brush end we talked about? Well now we get to use that. However it is important to remember that brush was made with the purpose of removing snow not to be safe on your paint.

Because of this we recommend not trying to get it all leave those bristles anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 an inch off the paint. This will greatly reduce the chances of damaging your vehicles paint.


While salt is inevitable it is important to remember that salt on your vehicle is extremely abrasive. Honestly its just as bad if not worse that those bristles we just talked about so whatever you do don't try to rub it off.

If you cant wash at home and are using the self service wash bays take a bottle of 50% vinegar 50% distilled water with you. This mixture will neutralize the road salt and make it easier to remove most of the salt.

As always it is important to remember that washing needs to be done more frequently in the winter to prevent future rust and damage.

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