Ceramic Coatings And Paint Damage

First let’s dive into the paint. OEM clear coats are on average between 25-50 microns thick. For reference, a Post-It note is about 75 microns and a human hair is about 95. Most OEMs have a threshold for how much clear coat can be removed before it is at risk of failure — usually about 25% of the factory thickness, anywhere from 7 – 12.5 microns. Factory paint also has a hardness of around 3-4H where ceramic coatings can range anywhere from 6H-10H

So what does all that mean? Well as you can see not only is your paint thin it is also relatively soft compared to a coating.

Ok but why should I get one?

lets explain it like this. Have you ever looked at your vehicle and saw a new scratch or maybe something that just didn't look the same? Well this damage is now in the paint and the only way to remove it is to polish. Now lets say you had your vehicle coated. Now when something happens chances are it wont be as bad because of the hardness difference but now it is in the coating instead of the paint. So now we just remove this part of the coating and re apply.

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