Buyer Beware: The Sad Truth About Dealership Coatings

Have you ever purchased a new vehicle? Or maybe you were walking around just looking and you happen to see big banners advertising protection services?

Dealership coatings can come in a couple different forms. These are typically in house applied coatings or in rare cases those that send out the vehicle to a professional. Either way you need to beware and know your options.

Typically, you will hear them talk about it either during the sales process or during final financing. Along with these protection packages you will hear them talk about warranties. They will tell you it will protect against things like rock chips, paint peeling, rips, burns, tears, and all kinds of other things. This is where it becomes important to stop ask some questions and do a little research.

First and foremost, ask to read the warranty form that you sign. Sometimes you will see things like must be reapplied every so often. Sometimes they will include that the surfaces must be maintained. Typically what they refer to in this is that it must be detailed every so often typically by the dealers in house detailers.

Second what you should do is ask to have a few moments to research this. Sometimes they will allow you to come back within a certain amount of time to get the service done. If they do not allow you to do this then I would simply decline the service. No one should ever deny you the right to research something before buying.

Go home or step outside and search the product they offer. Typically, a quick google search will turn up a lot of results. You want to find two different types of information, first you want to find the information from the company first. See what they have on the website as far as what the coating will or will not accomplish. Is it a product or a warranty that you are buying? Do they have their terms and conditions on the site?

The second type of information that you are looking for is blogs or forums about the item. Searching “is xyz protection package worth it” will typically bring up a lot about these products.

In most almost all cases the protection package you get from a dealership is nothing more than a glorified wax job with a warranty designed to help add some profits. Keep in mind that the company will try to do as much as they can to deny these warranty claims.

So, in conclusion it is important to research these options before purchasing.

Thanks for reading and as always If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out

Phillip Bennett, CD

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